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3 Prong Anal Speculum


The overall measurement of this Instrument is approximately 7 inches from top to bottom; each blade measures 3 3/8 inches in length. The result? The Instrument opens to an ASTONISHING WIDTH of 2 5/8 INCHES! This Instrument is equipped with a set screw along its side – which ALLOWS THE USER TO LOCK THE BLADE POSITION closed – fully open – or at any point in-between. This instrument is finely crafted for the medical field and is composed of High Quality Medical-Grade materials.

If BDSM is your ‘drug’ of choice – then incorporating some deviant doctor action into your extracurricular activities promises to deliver the ultimate high! Not only will the feeling of being stretched out enhance all other sensations within the scene – it will also open you up to a world of new possibilities. So now you can explore all of those ‘hard to reach’ places and give them the attention they deserve.